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Jim's Place

E3 1996

Here are some pictures me and Giles Goddard took while preparing for E3 1996



Mario in the battlefield.

The Penguin looked so fucking weird in this build i was so happy when they updated it

When we were developing this enemy the ai in the game never really liked this one so it kind of broke the enemy a couple of days before the show so we had to get it fixed lol

Here's mario looking up at the sky for whatever reason

Not too sure what mario must be thinking maybe out peach? Maybe about luigi who knows?

Mario you better watch out!

Don't fall

The Penguin again

Man i don't remember the goomba being this big

Not too sure where he is in this shot

Rare shot of luigi

E3 time was always so weird to me they would always make these big showfloors and then never use them again also whatever happened to those Real Time animations?