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Shoshinki Spaceworld show - 1995

Some shots of the Spaceworld 1995 showfloor i took while people were demoing the game



Was that for me?

Here in this photo you can see a game being played on the tv (the middle tv is showing footage of upcoming games) and the mario demo on a development cartridge.

Here's the Mario Demo and GoldenEye! ( Please note that this was on tape but since i took this screencap i have lost the orginal tape and the transfer my apologizes!)

More general kiosk pictures.

More Pictures of the Mario demo featuring a cut level.

Here is a Development Log of the game when we where setting up the demo

I enjoyed going to the Shoshinki show back in the day. I do remember getting fucking pissed off at some people there but it was whatever im just glad they didn't see what would be in the game eariler...